Hmax Large Bicycle Trailer by

Convert your Uni MK / Swing urban utility e-bike into a real cargo bike with this amazing and strong e-bike trailer made in Germany!
This is the big brother of the smaller Hxxl bicycle trailer designed and built by in Munich, Germany. This large cargo bicycle trailer offers plenty of space to transport different types of cargo like bicycles, boxes and more! The trailer's aluminium chassis was CNC machined of a 4mm aluminium sheet and offers maximum stability!
Our bicycle trailers can be loaded very heavily. The limit here is set by the towing bicycle of the trailer, which is designed by the manufacturer for a maximum system weight. This system weight (bicycle + driver + trailer + load) must not be exceeded. Basically we recommend a maximum load of 100 kg.

Hmax trailer features

  • Brand:
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 1880mm x 670mm x 80mm (Overall width with 20'' wheels: approx. 860mm)
  • Weight: 10,2kg
  • Payload: Space for up to 5 Bikes / 100kg of cargo.
  • Colors: On request (Red, black matt, silver and others available)
  • Weber drawbar & EL coupling
  • Stainless steel kickstand to ensure safe (un-)loading
  • Functions as bicycle and hand cart!
  • LED-clip back light
  • Tension belt especially made for the trailer
  • 20 inch wheels in black with Big Apple tires (alternatively silver wheels)
  • Comes ready to use!

Note: The recommended maximum load should not exceed 45kg when used as a bicycle trailer and 60kg as a hand cart!

The Uni MK utility / cargo electric bicycle in action!

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